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Gifting Shades Club

Yes, it's the perfect gift for all the holidays!  All you have to do is input the information as if you were going to buy a subscription for yourself, and use the recipient's address for the shipping section and it will send right to their doorstep.  Or ship it to your self if you are bringing it to them! We will make sure it arrives in time for the special day. Easy Breezy! 

Shipping and Delivery

All packages will ship by the 15th of each month! Often times, we'll get them out in the first few days of each month, or just in time for special holidays, like Valentines Day or Mothers Day! 

Yes, we offer free shipping within the US with every order and for every subscription shipment. International shipping charges depends on your country in which you live in, but they are usually around $12-$18.

Yes we do ship internationally! International shipments require shipping charge added onto subscription price. If there is sun, we will send shades there! 

We aim to ship your 1st shipment within the 1st few days of when you order. All subsequent shipments for months 2 and beyond will ship during the first week of each month.  Any questions, let us know!

The Sunglasses

We work with world renowned factories that make some of the world's biggest brands. We have a talented team of designers and stylists with over 30 years combined in the eyewear industry. The best part about Shades Club, is the Shades!

Nope, the element of surprise is one of our best features! As savvy sunglasses designers, we aim for perfection in every pair we design. The benefit is you get to relax, put your feet up, while we do all the heavy lifting. We design every pair in house in Florida, aka The Sunshine State. We do it all from concept to creation. We test the comfort, fit and durability. Each new pair is well thought out down to the detail and we're proud of our less than 1% return rate over the past 5 years.

Every month you will be shipped a box right to your doorstep. Within the box you will receive a brand new pair of shades within a Shades Club microfiber bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth with a few monthly specific themed items such as but not limited to an insert describing the pair of shades, branded fold up case, Shades Club koozie, Shades Club sunglass hanging kit to store and protect your shades and other necessary summer fun items throughout the year.

Account and Cancellation Policy

You have 2 options to cancel your account:
Option 1 - Manually cancel by logging into your account and adjusting accordingly Once you have accessed your account, simply click on the “cancel” button. Super easy, no hassle, no hidden fees. All subscriptions renew automatically as stated throughout the website and at the checkout button. Once the order is processed it will not be able to be cancelled or refunded. With that said, we must receive your cancellation email prior to your subscription renewal to cancel in full before it renews.

Option 2- 

Contact Shades Club via email at aloha@shadesclub.com - Once you contact Shades Club with your cancellation request email, we will cancel your account in which you will receive an email confirming we did so. All subscriptions renew automatically and once the order is processed it will not be able to be cancelled or refunded. With that said, we must receive your cancellation email prior to your subscription renewal to cancel in full before it renews.

Once your order is cancelled, it will cancel all future charges and plan renewals.  All pending shipments and pre-paid pairs will still ship and be processed until that plan is over.

Address Changes

If you are checking your account and you see the “unfulfilled” status, don’t worry! Kick your feet up and relax, we successfully received your order and will ship out on the next shipment day of the month.

Log into your account and click the “edit” button next to your current address on file. Once on screen to edit your shipping and billing information, update all fields accordingly then click save!

Payment and Ordering

If you are a month to month member, every month you will be billed on on the 1st of the month. If you have any multi-month subscription you will pay upfront for the whole subscription on the first month of your order.

Yes you can have as many memberships as you would like! All you have to do is add multiple products to your cart and checkout which will result in multiple products being shipped out. If you have multiple orders to the same address we will package multiple orders in the same box and use one label.

There is no cut off during the month for ordering. We'll ship out your order as soon as we receive it!

Promotion and Sponsorship

Any promotional or sponsorship questions need to be directed to aloha@shadesclub.com and we will get in touch with you shortly!


The best form of contact would be to send an email to aloha@shadesclub.com and we will get back to you soon!

Really. Good. Email.