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Month to Month Subscription - $29/month


Get the Latest and greatest pair in your 1st Box!

1) Sounds cool. How does it work?

Each month, we’ll send you 1 pair of exclusive shades (up to a $75 value). They’re only available to Shades Club members, and they ship for FREE if you live in the U.S.!

2) Wow, awesome! So what exactly will I get?
Only the most amazing designs—the best of the best.  We design only shades we love wearing, that go with your lifestyle.  Think classic styles, clubbies, polarized, sport, dress up shades, beach shades and more! Everything's super classic, well fitting, and perfect for guys and girls. 
3) What about the commitment?
We’re pretty sure you’ll love the club and want to stay in it forever. But if you ever want to cancel, you can do so at any time—no questions asked!
Any questions at all, shoot us an email to aloha@shadesclub.com - thanks!

Really. Good. Email.